Triasa Group Logo Redesign

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Triasa Group is a prominent group of vehicle dealerships specializing in various brands. With multiple locations across the country (Brazil), Triasa aims to unify its brand identity and enhance its market visibility through a logo redesign. The existing logo, while recognizable, lacks coherence and fails to convey the group’s collective strength and expertise.



Brand Designer


2/3 months




The previous logo design appeared outdated and did not reflect Triasa’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge automotive solutions.

Brand unity
The redesigned logo needed to reflect the group’s collective identity while allowing individual dealerships to maintain their unique brand identities.


  1. Brand audit: Conducted a comprehensive analysis of Triasa’s brand assets, including existing logos, brand messaging, and market positioning.
  2. Stakeholder engagement: Collaborated with key stakeholders, including dealership owners, management teams, and marketing professionals, to gather insights and align on the objectives of the logo redesign.
  3. Competitive analysis: Researched the logos of leading automotive groups and car dealerships to identify design trends and opportunities for differentiation.
  4. Creative exploration: Brainstormed logo concepts that symbolized unity, strength, and innovation while reflecting Triasa’s diverse range of automotive brands.
  5. Design iterations: Developed several logo prototypes, experimenting with typography, color schemes, and graphical elements to create visually appealing and memorable designs.
  6. Feedback gathering: Presented the logo prototypes to stakeholders for feedback and iterated based on their input, ensuring the final design resonated with the group’s vision and values.
  7. Implementation plan: Developed a phased rollout plan to implement the redesigned logo across all touchpoints, including signage, marketing materials, and digital platforms, to maximize brand consistency and visibility.


After extensive collaboration and iteration, the chosen logo design featured a sleek and dynamic emblem that represented Triasa’s collective strength and expertise. The emblem consisted of three wings, symbolizing collaboration and synergy among the group’s dealerships. The typography was bold and modern, conveying a sense of confidence and professionalism. The color palette included shades of blue and silver, reflecting trust, reliability, and innovation.


The redesigned logo successfully revitalized Triasa’s brand identity, garnering positive feedback from stakeholders and customers alike. The unified logo design fostered a sense of cohesion and consistency across the group’s dealerships, strengthening brand recognition and recall. The modern and dynamic visual identity positioned Triasa Group as a forward-thinking leader in the automotive industry, attracting new customers and driving business growth. Overall, the logo redesign reinforced Triasa’s commitment to excellence and set the stage for continued success in the competitive automotive market.