Over 24 years in communication and technology, I specialized in digital projects as a product designer. I created solid and lasting partnerships that I have maintained since the beginning of my career. I improved skills such as leadership and team management, commercial prospecting, and design thinking, to achieve increasingly challenging work.

Recent experience

Lead Product Designer

BairesDev – Repay
March 2021 – Present
Responsible for the user experience of a product, usually taking directions on the business goals and objectives from product management.

Softwares: Figma, Miro, Jira.

Product Designer

Swoop Funding
May 2020 – April 2024
Wireframes as low-fidelity mock-ups to quickly draft solutions for testing and serve as blueprints for higher fidelity designs. Design system and prototypes for testing and feedbacks.

Softwares: Sketch, Adobe, Figma, Miro and Jira.


March 2022 – July 2022
Low and high fidelity prototypes for the delivery system for YubiKeys, pitch deck and dashboard.

Softwares: Figma, Miro, Jira.


January 2010 – February 2020
White labels based on RAKUTEN’s platform for e-commerce

Softwares: Sketch and Photoshop.



Interactive Design
2012 – 2013
Post-graduation in planning, creation, and development of product, environment and social interactive projects.

Production and Criticism
2008 – 2009
Post-graduation in fundamental concepts of culture: History, market and the perspectives of arts in Brazil; and cultural criticism.


Marketing and Advertising
2000 – 2004
Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Advertising, working on social impact communication projects; institutional brand, and marketing.

Graphic Design
1999 – 2003
Bachelor’s Degree – acquisition of knowledge in creation, consolidation and communication of image nowadays.

I worked with Marcos to create a comprehensive design system at Swoop. I cannot recommend him enough.

Stephanie Robinson — UX Writer from


List of some of the brands I have worked with throughout my career



Swoop Funding

Abundance Brasil







Tool Box




Ludique et Badin



US Bank


Zoo York

Iron Studios


Grupo Emtel

I was blown away at how neat and organised the UI library was.

Susanna Larsen — Senior Product Designer from Swoop funding


In my journey through the technology and communication market, I’ve been fortunate to encounter a diverse array of demands and opportunities. Through these experiences, I’ve honed my expertise in three key areas:

1. UX/UI

My role revolves around enhancing the customer experience with the services provided, focusing on criteria such as usefulness, ease of use, and enjoyment.

Throughout the UX/UI stages of a project, meticulous planning is paramount, grounded in real data. This involves conducting interviews with stakeholders, performing benchmarking analyses, leveraging existing knowledge, conducting tests, and devising proposals and solutions to address challenges.

In my daily responsibilities, a key focus is on gathering insights from diverse areas, ensuring coherence, and delivering solutions tailored to various stages of my clients’ journey. As a UX Designer, I serve as a translator and mediator, bridging the gap between all parties involved in a project, ensuring alignment and driving towards optimal outcomes.

2. Branding

My journey has been defined by the mastery of crafting brands and visual identities that boast a resounding methodology, consistently achieving an assertiveness index exceeding 90%. Whether it’s revitalizing established brands, conceptualizing new ones, or seamlessly adapting them to cutting-edge technologies like responsive formats, I’ve honed my skills to deliver exceptional results.

My approach to brand management is strategic and forward-thinking, focusing on medium and long-term actions to cultivate enduring visual identities. This dedication is reflected in the meticulous creation manuals and advertising pieces we produce.

Once the branding documentation is in place, I ensure that the creative vision is faithfully replicated, maintaining strict adherence to visual standards and ensuring a cohesive user experience. Even within complex projects such as websites or portals, I’m adept at establishing a visual language that can effortlessly extend to various communication channels.

My attention to detail extends to every aspect of design, from buttons and forms to icons and banners, where I often challenge conventional rules to create methodologies that are adaptable, practical, and deeply resonant with the essence of the brand.

3. Virtual stores

Over a decade of collaboration with Rakuten has afforded me the privilege of spearheading nearly 400 projects on their e-commerce platform, catering to clients nationwide in Brazil. Since 2009, when I first joined Ikeda, later rebranded as Rakuten, I have remained steadfast within the design team, evolving into a key figure in crafting interface designs for new endeavors since 2015. This extensive tenure has equipped me with a deep reservoir of insights, enabling me to deliver clear-cut solutions and tangible results across a spectrum of market opportunities that continually arise, be it for brand establishment or dynamic online campaigns.