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Swoop Funding recognized the challenges brokers faced in efficiently managing deal flow and matching short and medium enterprises (SMEs) with suitable finance options. To address these challenges, Swoop Funding developed the Broker Portal, a platform aimed at streamlining deal flow management and finance matching for brokers.



Product Designer


4 years




Brokers often encountered complexities in deal flow management, including navigating a vast array of finance options and ensuring timely and accurate communication with SME clients. Additionally, the need for advanced finance matching capabilities posed a significant challenge.


Our approach began with in-depth user research to understand the pain points and workflow of brokers. This research informed the development of user personas and journey maps, providing valuable insights into the needs and preferences of brokers.


The Broker Portal was designed with a focus on simplifying deal flow management and enhancing finance matching capabilities. The platform featured a user-friendly dashboard that provided brokers with a comprehensive overview of available finance options. Advanced filtering and search functionalities enabled brokers to quickly identify suitable matches for their SME clients.

Integrated communication tools facilitated seamless interaction between brokers and SME clients, allowing for real-time collaboration and document sharing. Additionally, the platform leveraged advanced algorithms to generate finance matches tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each SME client.


Since its launch, the Broker Portal significantly improved efficiency and effectiveness in deal flow management for brokers. Brokers reported reduced time spent on administrative tasks and increased success rates in matching SME clients with suitable finance options.

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The platform’s intuitive interface and advanced features were well-received by brokers, leading to higher user satisfaction and retention.

I was blown away at how neat and organised the UI library was.

Susanna Larsen — Senior Product Designer from Swoop funding

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